Pants, undies, briefs, boxers, knickers … What do you call them?

It was recently brought to my attention that there is a difference between boys and girls pants. Really?

In a post here by Emily at she highlights the common differences between boys and girls toddler underwear. Beyond the obvious of girls clothes are pink and boys clothes are blue, typically boys have a much more generous cut both front and back. Do toddlers really need high-cut undies? And just to make girls more uncomfy the elastic if often thin with the boys getting soft wide elastic. It is well worth reading the full post.

Here at Busy Little Bee – undies are just that – undies.

Whether for boys or girls they are all cut to the same generous sizing and all finished with the same super soft cotton lycra bands. Briefs or boxers are available for all.

And they come in more colours than just pink and blue. Whatever takes your little ones fancy can be made.

We don’t forget mums and dads either.

Matching sets for big and small? No problem!

As we say here at Busy Little Bee  – life’s to short for boring clothes!

Jo x